Friday, February 20, 2009

Gig review

Its been busy, probably busier than its going to be for a while with the recession preventing the normal amount of bands coming over.
Friday teh 13th was Titus Andronicus and Los Campesinos! at the Paradise. With high expectations of a raucous expectations I felt Titus let us down, fun but no craziness described from other gigs. Titus did you decide to phone it in.
They did play Roadrunner by Jonathan Richman which was fun.
Los Campesinos! how I love thee. I have listened to their music ever since someone pushed 'It started wit ha mixx' my direction before they properly released anything. They are listed as Twee pop but 'We are Beautiful we are doomed' though with poppy tunes has bitter lyrics and hard guitar and rhythms behind the twee. Adorable!
Again they did not disappoint with seven people on stage there is always something going on and someone being fascinating. Gareth, at times clutching at his asthma inhaler, daned around, belted out the lyrics at a rate of knots and played xylophone and bashed at drums - Wow. Gareth enthused at their welcome, had memories of an emptier Paradise last time - though I thought it sold out then too. He claimed they palyed longer than normal and just kept playing. Gareth's trip through the audience kept folks amused and on their toes while Tom crowdsurfed with everyone around trying to make sure he was held aloft.
Fun fun fun.
Sunday - middle east upstairs - shrinking Islands were an acceptable support not entrancing but fun to listen to. Depreciation Guild remindedme hugely of Evangelicals which isnt a bad thing.
Then came Pants Yell! - sorry I LOATH this band. Why is it acceptable to sing bad lyrics in a flat tone, give it up and please make a vow never to sing on stage again.
Pins Of being pure at Heart, middle east really butchered a lot of the vocals and I still can't see the total picture here - OK but not stellar.
Tuesday Great Scott was Operahouse. Very happy to see them play and it was a nice set - there should have been WAY more folks there - watch this band.
The Duke Spirit - radio gig at Felt on Thursday. Said it before its so not fair Leila is beautiful, stylish, friendly, sings like a demon, puts a on a great show and the songs are amazing - how can one person be so talented.
seen them many times now and its never enough and they never let you down.
I hopefully will have some pictures up soon that show some of the energy that was there.
Delta Spirit tonight review later I hope
I love duke spirit and you should too.

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