Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Twilight Sad

I tend to think in black and white when it comes to music.
Travis was just too blah, Fran Healy needed to realize that three guys yelling do not make a mountain and having them thrown out was just juvenile leaving a real foul taste in your mouth.
Noah and the whale, twee yes, Anni Rossi nice not scintillating not annoying, Ferraby lionheart a snoozefest.
Noah? still quiet but somehow they get under my skin and make me relaxed rather than annoyed, sweet very sweet, lots of new songs very nice night.
Noah and The Whale new song (name provided by NATW)

Noah and The Whale new song Our window

Noah & TW doing Girlfriend In A coma

Friday we went out of our way to be there early, most folks thought this was Mogwai show, we knew better. The bad recording from North Carolina does suck but even stinking fetid water is a boon to the person dying of thirst. The recording gives us the first chance to hear the new songs.
James is cleaner shaven, Andy sports a buzzcut and a beard almost unrecognizable and we get Dok joining the crew.
Simply stated the new songs are amazing they really work live, James has a different stage presence now less introverted less prone to running to the back of the stage and refusing to interact with the audience (which actually still created an effect you remembered). I would give anything to know what he murmurs to himself in those spaces where the music resounds and you see his lips move fervently without vocals being added.
To stand there and just let those notes resound and echo within you feeling the frustration and intense emotion emoted is just beyond words.
oh btw disclaimer - I LOVE this band just in case you hadn't guessed.
We stayed for a few mogwai songs but that wasn't why we were there. We did manage to catch a few words with James and Craig.
Saturday we went out to Northampton Pearl St Ballroom to our second chance to see them.
As we heard the songs twice they seemed even better, 'We are on a hiding to nowhere' everybody's wearing black clothes while I'm wearing brown' the simple lyrics I mention don't encompass the joy of hearing these new songs and starting to notice the finer points.
When I see them I am always filled with wonder at the power of the guitar and the finess that Mark shows on the drums creating the noise necessary but having the sense to leave sparseness where it counts.
Then later you talk to them and how do you express the wonder when they are as down to earth and chatty to the Nth degree.
Enough of my lovefest, I havent loaded my photos yet - thanks Pearl St for being cool about me flouting the no camera rule seeing I didn't use flash.
Set lists
The Twilight Sad Setlist Wilbur Theatre.5.1.09

The Twilight Sad Setlist Pearl Street.5.2.09

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