Monday, June 22, 2009

Patrick Wolf middle East Downstairs June 21st 2009

How long does it take for a grown woman to become a doe eyed fan girl? Seconds - what chemistry occurs when the becloaked ever dazzling bejewelled Queen took his stage and we fell at his feet. The atmosphere become one of adoration as Patrick strode out wearing the leafed cloak that has become a recent trademark. After a song or two Patrick took the cloak off and the grey black and white union jack like pant suit with cut outs became revealed. The zip opened to his navel and you saw the cluster of strange and obviously personal trinkets.
The setlist was the same as he is routinely playing but a novelty involved Patrick using the photographers and musicians ramp as a catwalk.
Highlights - Tristan fabulous as ever, Accident and Emergency reworked a little weird but fabulous, Bluebell, The Libertine, 'Who Will' which made me want to cry. Patrick started to touch hands, making girls happy but making sure he reached to touch a particularly pretty male concert goer that you could hypothesize is battling the same alienation that most homosexuals do when they find their own simple needs are shunned by the ignorant of the world. This is what SHOULD happen and caused my eyes to tear up.
The Magic Position was joyous event, with Battle having the audience to exhort against the indefensible of our society.
He came, he conquered, we fell at his feet and felt unworthy.
This is the event that makes modern music have some relevance.
I hope to have some photos up soon and probably many as he is SO photogenic.
Oh well gushing over for now and I just know these words are insufficient to describe last night.

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