Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fanfarlo $1 Album plus- Wow!

Fanfarlo seem to be a low key band but their album grows and grows on you plus they are linked to the equally wonderful My Sad Captains sharing a band member.
There is no greater bargain around currently than this deal which is available until Friday the 3rd where you get not only the album but four extra tracks and all at a great bit rate.
If you were curious now is the time to bite and you should be.
and on the note of cheap but legal downloads check out this website
yes its from the UK but people from the US can use it using google checkout. You get ten tracks for one pound. Wonderful compilations from folks like Fat Cat, The Police Box and check out Teenage Lust's choices it isn't obvious but he is linked to the very young but wonderful Copy Haho one of the illustrious Awesome Pals collective.

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