Monday, August 16, 2010

Asimilation? perhaps not LOL

Driving in to see Warpaint and Beach Fossils, I was stuck in traffic hell because of mr retard Mayor Tom Menino who closes down one lane of Soldiers Field Rd to allow retarded idiots go see oldies at the hatchshell. Spending 40 minutes to drive two miles and having retarded pieces of shit cut you off right left and center made me want to kill certain Bostonians so much that either I am a real Bostonian cause all of us react like this or I am a uptight UK Baitch who hates to see wise ass Bostonian push their luck- Oh Well!
On the other side, it was a nice relaxed time catching the sound checks, we also ended up in a chat with the Beach Fossils Drummer and new guitarist which was fun.
Beach Fossils were on first and promptly blew everyone away with a gazillion ton of reverb and a sound haze that had everyone dancing in the hot humid space.
Again I started to feel more acclimated, such a sweet energetic gig and they were so well received.
Javelin came on and though I enjoyed them a bit, after about 20 minutes all I really wanted was them to stop.
As Warpaint set up, all both Peter and I could think was wow their bass player is a bit weird, just seems a bit in the deep end, last to set up and did not seem very grounded.
When Warpaint started, the music took over and so did the reverb, the joke of the evening was Great Scott probably used their whole month's reverb allowance in one hot humid evening.
Warpaint has great sings and every single one of the girls take vocals for at least one song and guess what none of them suck they all harmonise and really hit the spot.
They sang Billie Holliday as an encore and it was stunning.
Some songs were a trifle overlong but this is a band I would go see again in a heartbeat and recommend others to do the same.
On a side note there must be the idea Warpaint are going to be big, traveling with them was Parker, the sound guy that also does The Cribs and Franz Ferdinand big shoes looking after these ladies.

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