Sunday, August 22, 2010

Palmdale- Hollywood meets Boston

So TT's got Boston Rock Queen when Kay Hanley visited on 8/16 the shame is she brought her pals, both audience and bands.
The Future Everybody opened, locals with little talent, not offensive but not good.
Then the worst piece of crap I have seen onstage since Pants Yell! or The Luxury came on- Triple Cobra.
Sporting white jumpsuits, well apart from one member wearing a white lace 'wedding dress' hiked up to show the crotch area.
Marry that to the fancy shaped guitars (lets get the star shaped one), the attempt to out Spinal Tap Spinal Tap, the lack of songs, the lack of talent and the lack of a decent vocal well perhaps you can guess my opinion.
Kay and Linus put on a fun show though they still lack a huge bank of songs, Kay however did lash out at a loser who had been videoing Kay the whole night. The funnier part is the woman actually just changed to another of her video cameras to finish the night.
The audience was a bit weird too, we walked out with night blindness from all the flash photography. Now I suffer a lot of bad lighting but the lighting that night was good, a nice mellow orange yellow light to flatter Kay as she ages, there was no excuse for all the flash usage. and how many hundreds of pictures of Kay's face does one person really need?
Give me my new indie bands breaking in, the vibe is so much sweeter and decent.

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