Saturday, August 14, 2010


Recently I have been starting to appreciate a wider range of American bands.
Gold Motel, so dreamily perfect with bluesy tendency without any annoying tendencies and a wonderfully mellow laid back acoustic concert at TT's reinforced this.
Twin sister- from Brooklyn/Long Island starting to grow on me, live too shy and not forthcoming but such growing promise.
Then we have a wonderful trilogy of Beach Fossils, Warpaint and Best Coast. Warm fuzzy summer tones with reverb shimmering in the background, this fails to fall into teh normal American meh category and fixates itself into my brain.
The question is am I becoming American or is the US actually producing a bumper crop of class acts to embrace into our bosom and support as best we can.
Yesterday I was asked to provide music (about seven hours) for my work summer outing, my first though add the Gold Motel, Best Coast, Beach Fossils, First Aid Kit and Villagers album mix and let the chill out zone start. I am creating a mix but I find these artists are making a substantial contribution. This amuses me and makes me hope that as the hopelessly clueless here this musical perfection they will inquire and perhaps learn one never knows.

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