Saturday, January 26, 2013

Palma Violets don't suck!

So first gig of the year was Palma Violets at The Middle East Upstairs. After suffering through Boston's own New Highway Hymnal Palma Violets weeon stage about 10:20. The vibe is punk rock but there are two tour guys keeping everything running plus a merch guy so someone is putting every effort into this trip going well.

This band can play live though, being good on stage isn't just technical excellence, which can come over as cold and boring but an intangible energy and chemistry.
The energy which Chilli exuded was tangible and energising, I couldn't stop smiling and moving.
The band is so new that apart from the single hardly any songs are available to listen to but despite the fact that no-one knew the tracks that did not stop everyone really getting into the music.
When they played "best of Friends" the audience responded well. The whole vibe was energised and enthused.
I just want to see this band play more and I can't wait for the album to come out.
We are hoping the offer from Will to get us onto the guest list for Sunday when they support Titus Andronicus will come through and we get another chance to see them play.

So just to elaborate from the title Palma Violets not only do not suck like some of the well documented bands other feeble bloggers promote this band are really great live and I know that their time in small clubs is going to be so fleeting. What a great band.

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