Saturday, January 19, 2013

Time for 2013 gigs to start

Well its cold and nasty but its time for some relief.
This is where I differ from nearly every blog in Boston.
Next week an extremely exciting new band, Palma Violets are playing The Middle East Upstairs, January 22nd.
The BBC have touted Palma Violets as one of the Sounds of 2013. So is the band all hype? I have only one question for anyone, the tickets for Tuesday night are $10, for $10 why would you NOT go and see who this band is. The information available is minimal but the number of people that have raved about the power and energy of this young band are mounting up. Some of the sound reminds me of The Vaccines but I do not mean to demean this band. The Vaccines give a lackluster live performance which left me cold to the bone so I hope this band will instead make me energized.
Then on Saturday 26th January we get Ra Ra Riot playing their new album. I am not sure I follow the band on their new path but they have always given a good live show and in Hartford CT in December that still held true so it should be a good concert.

now for a quick run down of what we are looking for in 2013 so far.

15th March at long last The Maccabees play Boston and as a headliner. You have to love the Maccabees and this is an excellent opportunity to see them.

21st February has The Spinto Band at Great Scott, great venue - so so band - we want to show some support.

24th February Beach Fossils at TT's, I loved seeing this band when they played Great Scott with Warpaint and the new album is good so this is a must see.

We go to the 2nd March Alt-J show, why some people call them a new band astounds me but the sound at the Paradise is great and even despite the hipsters this is a good band.
5th March a british band called Citizens! play Brighton Music Hall, this band are intersting and its time to see them at a small venue while you can.
9th march the scottish band Veronica Falls play Great Scott. as a band Veronica Falls are pretty interesting BUT the real interest here is Cheatahs, recently signed to Wichita and much talked about.

March 11th the cruelest trick ever played on scottish music fans happens when Django Django play the Paradise and PAWS play Great Scott (, @wehavepaws) who are pretty ungoogleable. Go see one, whichever you choose you will see a great band and miss a great band. Damn that sucks.

March 23rd Little Green Cars from Dublin, Ireland play The Sinclair, I am hearing only great things about this band.

April 3rd we go down to Rhode Island to see frightened Rabbit play Fete because I hate House of Blues with a passion, new album is out soon thank goodness, FR are nearly as good as The Twilight Sad while not being on the same playing field.

Daughter play the Sinclair on May 4th , another interesting British band to watch for while they are small.

Telekinesis play Brighton Music Hall on May 10th, BMH sucks but telekinesis knock your socks off.

thats all for now.........

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