Thursday, October 25, 2007

Art Brut NME Rock N Roll Tour

NME comes to the US. Some support bands are Blood Arm and 1990s who are both great. We got Demander, sorry you seem like nice folks but your music was forgettable trash. Art Brut were under-appreciated, and the Audience a million times less appreciative than the two manic shows before at the middle east. Eddie was brilliant, still going into the nasty Hold steady naff crowd inciting them to a reaction. The sweat running down my back I danced like crazy. I totally love the predictability of Art Brut, it makes me smile, makes me go crazy. So glad to be there at the front, so appalled by Hold Steady fans. Hold Steady are such lame Springsteen ripoffs we left after about six songs. Why bother?

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