Friday, October 12, 2007

The Donna The Paradise Boston 20071007

When this was announced they had Switches as the support band. I liked Switches when they played last time to we went ahead and bought tickets thinking that the Donnas would be fun too. A week before they changed the lien up and Switches disappeared. The problem is of course that the support band isn't considered part of the lineup so you have no come back.
So we turned up anyway. The audience was old school rockers and you could see the wrinkles a mile off including ours.
The first band whose name I cant remember had a lead singer who spent his time making misogynist comments but the band made ok text book heavy rock music -Pass!
Then came on Donita Sparks. Dreadful, Cliche after cliche delivered by a has been. Sorry but this made me cringe like crazy.
Watching The Donnas was weird like floating above it. I am so not their target audience. But i could see Brett picking the audience up into the palm of her hand, manipulating them to feel included and to 'Rock out'. They play well, put their heart into the setup and are a fun band. Do they make me go crazy - No.

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