Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hot Hot Heat Paradise 20071011

So I ended up at Hot Hot Heat on my own. Surprisingly I got a good space at the front despite an awful commute. De Novo Dahl were OK but sequined suits guys are well over. The music was not offensive but not memorable.
Bedouin Soundclash, must be one of the most difficult bands to spell and google.
The vocalist, guitarist has one of the most extreme board of pedals I think I have ever seen
bedouin soundclash 20071011_2326
But to his credit I think he uses the effects well. He does seem a little addicted to the deley pedal both for his guitar and the vocal. I had never heard anything from this band and was open minded. I ended up very impresses and found them very enjoyable. They remind me of early Police with a touch of the Clash thrown in. Sweet to listen to and certainly has lead me to investigate more of their music. It was a bit weird for both of these bands they had no sooner started than they broke a guitar string. You feel a bit sorry for them but they played on like troopers which I show what people can do when they can actually play.
bedouin soundclash 20071011_2331
Hot Hot Heat, lets say I 'like' their music but I had not a moment of doubt to choose SHITDISCO over HHH. But SHITDISCO became vomit DISCO as one of tehm was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting disorder. Rather than stay at home on Peel Day we changed plans and bought HHH tickets.
I was a bit weirded out not sure i really wanted to be there but decided to go with the flow. Steve Bays. the vocalist/keyboard player really plays up to the girls, and yes I say girls, in the audience singing into their face, grasping their hands and generally hamming it up any time he wasn't jumping around. He gives a energetic enthused act which tends to outshine the rest of the band. I smiles I danced.
Again not my band to know track names but we got Goodnight, Goodnight, Middle of Nowhere, elevator, Bandages and Let Me In. A fun night.
hot hot heat 20071011_2373
hot hot heat 20071011_2374

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