Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Guggenheim Grotto & Frightened Rabbit

Bloggers telling you about music and giving samples does NOT kill music, anything but.
I heard about this band in the blogosphere and find they are doing a
residency at the Lizard Lounge.

Marketed as indie folk music I think this music is worth a try and will be there on Thursday to determine what the real situation is.

Sunday finds Frightened Rabbit back in Boston at their favorite venue, mine too boys. As this will be the 8th time seeing them in slightly over a year I have to admit to extreme prejudice here. At their best when they are most dangerous and off beat they are a joy to watch.
In Philadelphia in March, Scott went into a free fall of a monologue about the cd preorder which I curse that I didn't film, it was classic, oddball and wonderful. Grant, the gentle drum destroyer, who shows fury of immense proportions to those poor skins just causes awe. As anyone who goes to live gigs knows drums are a precarious beast who are always moving collapsing and generally reacting to the energy outburst. This with Grants anger is always a powderkeg to watch.
The bad news is that it has sold out, but only recently so you had forever to get your tickets so hopefully you will be there.
Scott promises that we will get Floating in The forth this time so here's hoping.
This is Poke from their July gig at TT's