Monday, January 19, 2009

Music snobbery

Yes, I can act as music snob, hating on folks who 'discover' bands late. But I think I have good reason. I spend most of my concerts going to see bands in empty rooms or almost empty. In those moments I talk to the bands, weary from 8 hour drives still pushing themselves to play to 75 or less people because EVERY fan is a lifeline to them. Buying them drinks, talking to them and enthusing about their music, knowing all the lyrics. These mean a lot to bands early on, sometimes its the only thing that keeps them going. Why do hugely talented bands play to empty rooms while over hyped talentless kids and sometimes that is not figurative (Cough Miley) fill stadiums.
Why do people find it easier to only listen to what the badly written over sanitized over marginalized media pushes. Its not a race BUT WE HAVE TO SUPPORT BANDS as they start. Otherwise they give up and the music we lose I hate to think of. That's why I hate on people who only want to go to sold out shows. Yes I download like crazy but I went to 116 shows last year- do you think I gave back a little? Maybe.
I just wish people - particularly college kids would pick a club and listen to a song from every band there and then go see the best. Going to see tons of shows is manageable when most shows are less than $15.
Anyway thats my rant for the day. Oh and watch this blog and go see all the bands I do!

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