Friday, January 09, 2009

Glasvegas etc

Glasvegas played Great Scott on Sunday.
We managed to get there in time to see most of their very elongated soundcheck and a quick chat with Rab. Amazing how such a big intimidating guy can be such a sweet kid.
Wild Light were as usual, well maybe a little less blah.
photos here
Glasvegas Setlist
Glasvegas setlist_0062
When Glasvegas played this time Flowers and football tops actually came off, in NY they steamrollered through it never really seeming to be in the same place, this time a long slow intro allowed them to pull together and gel. But we did get the infamous Glasvegas light show - ie pitch black. The crowd were enthusiastic, good for Boston, but with a couple of real weirdos. The woman who grabbed James' towel then shouted out about getting all his DNA - you are just creepy as hell. He really isnt that desperate to go with a whack job. It wasn't funny it was just enough to make your skin crawl. And the guy next to me who wanted to gyrate over a three person area, what gives? I really dont like having that personal contact in a non frenetic atmosphere. Yes at an arctic Monkeys gig you get close enough to find out what side guys are dressing on but enough!
Nice to hear stabbed which it seems they have moved back into the set and Come Back home from the Xmas EP.
I asked Rab about the Demo blog issue and he really feels powerless, (shhhh he tells me he sometimes gives away copies of his own album - Bad Rab!)
I did the normal and sat and talked Scottish bands afterwards, nice to hear the guys up Sons and Daughters and Twilight Sad.
Sweet night, and Rab promised guest list spots for next time (March 31st at the Paradise) though we will probably buy them to be safe.
Glasvegas say they are set for SXSW, a tour through to Coachella, then coming back in August.
It will be nice to see them again and again.

photos here
Glasvegas playing Stabbed at Great Scott

Glasvegas playing Please Come Back Home at Great Scott

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