Monday, April 02, 2007

Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club 30th March 2007 Middle East

Wow, how often do you get three really good bands in one single concert.
Delta Spirit are Cold War Kid's buddies even if they are unsigned. They do have an EP out but beware if you buy it online it is $7, buy it at the gig and get charged $10. Goodwill seems to be a concept that these guys dont understand though they did respond when I sniped about this.
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From: Delta Spirit
Date: Mar 31, 2007 11:18 PM

hello jane
i am very sorry that you felt that you were taken advantage of. in reality we are a very young band on tour with absolutely no support. we have no label. we get payed $100 a night. this usually barely pays for gas. please don't think that i am complaining... we are so happy and blessed to be on this tour, but the reality is the only way that we could afford to do it is to make money on merch. no one buys our shirts (which are $5 cheaper than cold war kids and tokyo police club's are) cause no one has heard of us. so we survive off of cd sales. considering that cold war kids cd is $15 and the fact that it is hard to always make change we decided to sell our eps for $10. we did not force anyone to buy them and to be honest you are the first to complain. also just so you know you can buy the cold war cd for like $8 at best buy as opposed to $15 at shows. i hope you understand. things will hopefully change and we will be able to afford to sell them for less, but at this point that $10 is the difference between me sitting at home or being on tour living my dreams, so thank you for your support and once again i'm sorry that you felt taken advantage of. i hope this gives you peace.

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Point is they do play good music and probably do need supporting despite this. One track had Cold War Kids joining them on stage.

Tokyo Police Club, I have such a soft spot for these young kids. sound was horrible soundman should have been slapped. They played A lesson in crime and I think Box, no set list but distorted angular rough (though not as roughly brilliant as when tehy supported Art Brut)Things would have to be hugely more horrible before I call this anything less than stellar.

The main act Cold War Kids with the religous tint i so want to dislike this bunch of ugly preachers BUT I can't. Third time I have seen these guys and I love the act more and more.
We used to vacation
Passing the hat
St. John (with TPC and DS)
Hospital Beds
God Make up your mind
Tell Me In the Morning
Every Valley is not a lake
Quiet Please

They also came on and did two other tracks as an encore.
St John was amazing, the stage was full of everyone bashing things all over the place, chaotic satisfying frenetic - I cant imagine ever seeing this being done better. At some point I will try to get some shot up on Flickr.
Yes they live up to the hype, so glad I was in at the ground floor.

The guitarist seemed to appreciate my dancing grining at me (yes It is true I wasnt hallucinating) and me and Peter were the only two he shook hands with.

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