Thursday, April 05, 2007

Twilight Sad Upstairs at The Middle East April 4th

So A Northern chorus are a Canadian band of the ooh its thoughtful indie sound genre. Read boring as hell, but unfortunately this is what tone deaf really bloody stupid America wants and appreciates! Bands like this are a waste of stage space and venue time as they as SO boring.
But they brought people in and now if people had actually stayed to hear the interesting band. The Twilight Sad hit SXSW and did a pretty great set at The Mohawk Patio which we totally blew Lily Allen off for. and rightly so even though their singer listed as Jaes on their myspace turned his back for a significant part of the gig. They have been slowly driving up from Austin since then playing gigs as they go this such a terribly young band.
The vocal is amazing, the music atmospheric and layered, and the songs have a twisted faction that remind me of Sons and Daughters Repulsion Box which is appropriate as this is the same venue we saw Sons and Daughters at. The personal factor of these lyric lead to the singer not making eye contact and singing to his minds eye but in a matter of weeks he is turning his back less to the audience.
Wonderful- if you weren't there shame on you.
A quick chat afterwards lets me know they actually come from Cumbernauld as near as dammit or as they said a small town with four houses and a shop. My next question was but how many pubs! Ok I am biased I love hearing the Scottish accent again.
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