Friday, April 27, 2007

The Cribs

This week has been a primer in excitement for next week. The cribs played Dimples, a karoake bar in California 8pm PST on Wednesday and it was streamed live. I cut a copy of the audio and it has been spreading over the net like crazy as it is some of the better versions of the new tracks until the album leaks.
The trouble is I feel like a total junkie as the three gigs next week get closer and closer. The music is filtering into my veins until I feel like bursting. Four times I have seen these guys and managed to talk to them however briefly three times. They have NEVER disappointed and moved me from a non-believer to a full-fledged junkie. I am way too old to be in this state of music addiction. guys i dont know what you are pushing but I think it should be a class A drug. Does anyone not absolutely adore Ryan and his hi jinks? I never quite know how to categorise just how he makes a person feel, he is a total spectator sport to watch and his excesse.
I dont think this will be a let down but I am getting a little hyper in anticipation.
Wednesday - the mercury lounge
Thursday - the mercury lounge
Friday - the middle east.
Warning guys do NOT block me from being in front of Ryan it just isnt worth it.
Lets hope we can get to the soundchecks

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