Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Scissors For Lefty Somerville April 3rd

Animal Closet, a local band made up of kids barely out of their teens opened. I have seen a lot worse, would I see them again- well I wont pay to see a full price $10 cover but if it was a $5 or so cover I would consider filling a quiet week.
Ah Scissors For Lefty, I haven't blogged this yet but as we have seen them it seems our understanding of them and their antics grows. Bryan Garza,who for any of you girls who get too freaked out - plays for the other team so it is all harmless fun, tends to come out into the crowd during Private Hotcha and 'Sexx' it up with the girls. As he dances close and stares into their eyes girls tend to back off and get a little nervous. As someone who has been there and seen most things I just find this hilarious and stare right back and dance saying what the heck. So this happened the first time we saw them, when they supported Dirty Pretty Things August 2006. Then they played as headliners at TTs the same night Kasabian played November 2006. So we saw Kasabian and ran across town to get their as fast as we could. Having had a night being primed (Mew then Kasabian) I just wanted to dance so I ran in dumped my bag and started dancing - way more than the present audience. again Bryan came out dancing and had folks back off until he came to me who just laughed and danced right back at him. We then had a long chat with the guys afterwards including buying Bruno and giving them extra for having Underhanded Romance. It was a really great end to the night.
So move on to SXSW, we get out of Air Traffic and talking to Steve Lamacq (other story to tell) and we run across to Spiros when the San Fran party was being held. We run in collecting our commemorative t shirts and get to the back patio as SFL are preparing to start.
As they start I move to get to the front making some girls slightly startle but they could see why later. So SFL start and do a nice set, me dancing like crazy, sound is great, the afternoon is hot. So they start playing Private Hotcha Bryan gets down and starts with the other girls and gets the standard reaction. Then he turns to me, we start dancing then he offers his hand so I take his hand and he gestures and so I twirl under his hand then do a waltz round then he moves on meanwhile most folks are just pretty stunned. Bryan knew I was up for a laugh and he played it accordingly.
Lets just say Bryan recognizes me and knows I take this all as a laugh while appreciating the music.

So Tuesday night we turn up as they are soundchecking (hey the venue was a bar and seemed as good as any to meet up in. Had a quick word with Bryan who totally recognized me, including food recommendations.
So the gig, no sound mix guy so sound was pretty ropey and leads were a bit funky. But Bryan is his normal funny self and was a good show, Private Hotcha was restrained as the mic was playing him up only a minute or two. Embarrassed to say it all seemed a blur where you cant really tell much apart from the fat it kept you dancing. seen them do better sets but the intimacy of this made it special. He got Jesse from Locksley doing vocals on the last song. Robby didn't play bass for this gig so a friend was subbing.

Locksly, a sweet band of class guys, music a bit derivative but fun. Enough for me to buy their CD and add them as myspace friends. SFL and locksley are obviously having a ball on this tour and are so comfortable as mates together the camaraderie shows in a really positive way.
Sound was crap all night, bands were sweet as hell, queen bitch here loved them all