Saturday, April 07, 2007

MC Lars TT the bears April 6th

Part of a lineup with 4 Nerd-rap bands. We arrived in time to hear the end of Schaffer The Dark Lord. He had some amusing lyrics taht we caught but not impressed with the music.
MC Lars, usual slide show to accompany the music plus he used MC Frontalots band- big mistake they are chronic. But MC Lars, seen him three times in just over a yera different show each time, perhaps a little corny in his idea I love to see this performance.
Played Space Jam, ahab, Download This Song, Generic Crunk Rap, Time Machine, Signing Emo, White Guys aint Hyphy, 21 Concepts, Hot topic is not punk Rock, Hey Thats Me.
I would like to know how to get the last Cd 'Radio Pet Fencing' which I still dont have.
He has a sense of humor, does great graphics and video editing, loves literature , samples music in a meaningful way and always makes time to talk to his fans.
I make time to see him any time he comes to Boston and rightly so.

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