Tuesday, February 05, 2008

From New to Old or is it New Vs Old

I like to think I listen to new music and embrace it, ie Ra Ra Riot and Foals but deep in my heart I have part of me which has a soft spot for music I listened to a while ago.
Why this post?
Two reasons Carbon/Silicon (dear god yet another HORRIBLE name to tag with) appear, comprising of Mick Jones (anyone from The Clash is a God) and Tony James (forgive him for SSS because of Generation X). They are starting to emerge and will play Boston in a tiny club (TT the Bears) on April 5th.
But hiding in really tiny print behind Gene Loves Jezebel is SPEAR OF DESTINY. I am just perpetually in a swoon about Kirk Brandon's voice and stage presence. And he plays Middle East Upstairs on Thursday the 7th, a night when there are two great shows also on (Ra Ra Riot and 28 Degrees Taurus).
So torn about this and so feeling so longing for the wonder of the SOD shows we used to go to. Can he still create a show to rock your ass off, will his voice be a little rocky or amazing? In my world he is a legend and a hero but that is my background.

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