Monday, February 04, 2008

New and upcoming

Having complained about January, can I say the new music that is arriving day by day is outstanding. I am currently listening to the excellent Sons And Daughter's album The Gift, Duke Spirit's Neptune and Foals Antidotes to mention a few. I am also trying to figure exactly what I think about Lightspeed Champion.
Its also funny to try and gauge how excellent British bands will be received here.
Will the Pigeon Detectives have an audience of 30 like The Wombats did or pack the heck out of Great Scott like Editors and Klaxons did? Forget idiots like the Globe who jump on bandwagons years after they are gone and look to the new.
Talking about hype I go see MGMT and Yeasayer next week but I will try not to hold the hype against them and I know I love MGMT live as we were there for their first gig here.
so the message here - listen to Sons and Daughters (Middle East March 24th), Glasvegas (Paradise March 24th), Lightspeed Champion, Foals and Pigeon Detectives and please do not listen to spice girls or New Kids On The Block!

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