Friday, February 08, 2008

SXSW bands

So as SXSW approaches I want to mention some bands I am learning about and already love.
I will try to punctuate this with youtube videos if possible.

Starting now
The Whip
I know little about them apart from the fact they trash their instruments and are supposed to be great live.
listen to their track Sister Siam

The Law- recommended to me by a message board I visit, this track seems catchy and may be worth investigating Milk and Honey

I was a Cub Scout
I have been listening to this band since Lammo played them - Great band, great album!
I am making this band a priority to see
Pink Squares

Los Campesinos!
they eventually came to Boston in December and played a great show.
Love them and if the schedule allows will definitely see this band.
International TweeXcore Underground

The Pan I Am
confused? Don't be if you liked Larrikin Love here is Ed Larrikin's new project.

The Dykeenies
Another talented new Scottish band, we saw them last year at The Great Escape, nice live act.
Clean Up Your Eyes

The Duke Spirit
Hey guys, why are you not coming to Boston? We miss you!
amazing new album out, they have been away too long
The Duke Spirit - Lassoo

Sons and Daughters
From Glasgow, primal going to some scottish wild impulse for me, I love these guys, though I would prefer more male vocal like the last album
Sons And Daughters - 'Darling'

The Wombats

Well seeing I am on their DVD from SXSW - 'Dancing my ass off' it should be no secret that I love this band
The SXSW documentary with my appearance right at the end.

The Wombats Moving to New York

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