Friday, February 08, 2008

Wow - New doesnt have to compete with old

So on paper, i had a terrible conflict last night. Ra Ra Riot, bright newcomers at BU Vs Spear Of Destiny at The Middle East Upstairs.
But sometimes things just fall into place.
We started the night by getting our tickets for The Pigeon Detectives who play Great Scott march 10th. Be there or look really stupid and deaf.
Listen to a great song by them right now!
I'm not Sorry

Then after eating we managed to talk our way into the student only gig at BU Central.
The Virgins had decent music, decent beat but I took a real dislike to the lead singer. No charisma, no stage presence and no voice.
Had a talk to Ra Ra Riot to find they are supporting The Cribs in March except for Boston and NY, so we will see them in Houston, DC and Philly!
We only stayed for 20 minutes of Ra Ra Riot but during that time they played two new songs.
I just love to dance to this band so much.
So we ran out and drove across to the Middle East. Spear Of Destiny was on stage but only one song in. Then the fun started, Spear Of Destiny do great songs, Brandon is a god on the guitar and his voice is still amazing. We only got 35 minutes but we got Liberator, The Wheel, Rainmaker and Westworld amongst the others. Talk about bliss, tight beautiful numbers I just wished he had played for hours, I was totally entranced.
Afterwards he was generous to talk to me for a bit while I raved about how much I had enjoyed his show. I had always heard about the angry eddgy man, not last night, he was friendly and sweet. Of course the peck on my cheek may have slightly turned my head.
So total joyous music from two completely different times but both so good.

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