Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crocodiles Middle East Upstairs May 21st 2009

Opening act was Hooray For Earth who we knew we had seen before but couldn't remember until we saw the guitar with the pedal strapped on it. They put on a solid show with decent guitar and bass which I felt showed they had grown and improved since the last time we saw them support Ra Ra Riot.
Crocodiles - what can you say? It was only the two of them so the drums etc were provided in a recording. But for a new band they had the performance down pat. The lights were completely off with the band using two red lights either side of the stage. Both guys wore dark clothes and wore sunglasses.
Did we see the next Milli Vanilli or MGMT. I am not quite sure, but they did leave me shell shocked in a good way.
They are not where they want to go but they are on the right road, watch this band to see what happens.

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