Friday, May 29, 2009

Jeff Lewis

When we did analysis of the bands we had seen last year, was it the Cribs that came out on top - surprisingly not - it was Jeff Lewis. I cant imagine anyone going to see British Indie bands and not bumping into Jeff doing support. He is a little subversive, yes I know he seems a roaring socialist who refuses to wear deodorant, but watch this guy and see if at least one track doesn't sneak into your brain, The Ramen Song is a beautifully understated song that will make the most hardened music snob smile.
The Ramen Song

His new album is pretty full of songs like this, and for those of us shell shocked by his comic that told of his romantic woes it has a bitter irony.
I downloaded the new album and already loved many tracks, not for their music finesse but for their honesty and sweetness.
so we trecked out to see him support Au Revoir Simone May 28th at TT The Bears. His brother and pal formed the junkyard and put on a 40 minute set that sped by. Roll Bus Roll was sweet
Roll Bus Roll

and the suicide song - So What?, was a little shocking , and a little catchy.
We finished the night by grabbing a few words, offering support and enthusiasm and more importantly by buying the new CD which we didn't need apart from to become legal.
Au Revoir Simone weren't bad but not enough to keep us there more than half an hour. Sorry Girls.

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