Saturday, May 23, 2009

Momus Middle East Downstairs May 19th 2009

A show out of my normal sphere.
Momus, aka Nick Currie, gave a retrospective of his 30 year career on Tuesday night. With Aki Sasamoto, dressed in the kabuki stagehand costume performing at the same time, the show was a solid two and a half hours, I was tired watching so kudos to Nick and Aki for their performance. Starting from initial demos and even a song from 'The Happy Family' who were an off shoot from Josef K he worked through a 30 song set from his career. using his iphone to provide the music he performed what I presume has to be his favorite songs from his extensive back collection.
A weird mix of intellectual aesthetics, Nick is obsessed with literature, sex, pedophilia, necrophilia, penis's , homosexuality and all forms of sexuality that most people refuse to think about in public never mind discuss.
I did enjoy seeing The complete History of Sexual Jealousy parts 17-34 done live as this was the song that first interested me and made me investigate him when Napster hit. Seeing Bishonen live was also a highlight.
Momus - Hairstyle of the Devil

Momus - Little Apples

Tiring, different but unmissable.

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