Wednesday, November 15, 2006

another Bravery review

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‘Secret’ show lets Bravery work out kinks
By Kerry Purcell
Boston Herald Features Reporter
Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Bravery played “Fearless” during Monday’s “Not So Secret Show,” at T.T. the Bear’s Place, but the Brooklyn-based band looked hesitant as it played tunes from its unreleased CD, “The Sun and the Moon.”
Compared to past shows at which crowds jumped up and down as singer Sam Endicott stood tall on stage amps and bassist Mike H. jumped from speakers in nothing but heavy eyeliner and a smile, this was subdued. For the first of three intimate preview concerts, the Bravery squeezed on stage in business-casual attire - sans eyeliner - and sparked the night with fan favorite “Unconditional.” Audience members bobbed their heads to the keyboard-heavy tune but never showed an abundance of enthusiasm. After all, they were just feeding off the band’s energy.
New tracks from the unreleased album - “Believe,” “This Is Not the End,” “Knife,” and “If This Is It” - offered a refreshing change from the rings, beeps and the boops of tracks from the Bravery’s debut CD. With deeper keyboard notes, rock-solid bass lines and tempestuous guitar riffs, the new stuff has a melancholy sound but it still prompts people to dance.
Drummer Anthony Burulcich’s speedy cymbal combinations and steady bass drum beats are essential to the band’s danceability but he hasn’t mastered Phil Collins’ talent for drumming and singing at the same time. Most songs were overloaded with shaky harmonies but this was band members’ first time playing the new songs live - we’ll cut them some slack.
Following a short break, the band smooshed back onto T.T.’s stage for a two-song encore of “Honest Mistake” and “Rat In a Wall.” The latter looks like a promising hit for these guys who once had a media-fueled beef with the Killers.The IV Thieves, who hail from England but live in Austin, Texas, opened.
The Bravery with IV Thieves At T.T. The Bear’s Place, Cambridge, Monday.

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