Monday, November 06, 2006

Little Man Tate Great Scott Allston 20061105

I have been in email, webpage forum and myspace contact with both the band and their management about this gig. Little Man Tate provide a powerful guitar sound without any garage sound to it with catchy tunes and lyrics to make you smile. On a side note it is refreshing to hear a slight lisp in Jon's voice which just makes the music more human. I always find myself singing along and smiling when I play LMT.
Talking to their tour manager (Richard?), the CMJ gig had technical issues with equipment breaking and finding enough adapters leading to them only doing five songs. I dont feel too sorry for the New Yorkers as LMT have currently played there twice and are playing again tonight.
I thought I was having a good time talking to the tour manager when the guys appeared but things just got better. For the next two hours or so me and my husband talked to LMT about what they had been up to, general LMT history, gig war stories etc. There are no pretentions with this band, they seem genuinely to want to meet and get to know the people who come to their gigs. Their attitude is that if a single fan will turn up or even a crowd of newbies they will play their heart out and feel lucky to do so.
They eventually went on (hey guys - this was not LMT's fault as they were waiting to borrow an amp, having come up on the train they tried to minimize what they brought and maximise what they borrowed). Even when the crew who set them up swapped Ben and Maz's normal playing position the guys groaned a little and said what the heck.
Set list was as follows
Man I hate your band
Sexy In Latin
(What what you got - track not played)
European Lover
Little Big Man
Hello Miss Lovely
and finishing with
House Part st Boothys
(missing out Down on Marie)
You can see the setlist here which was signed by the guys
I found it a bit weird to see Jon (lead singer) seems to have the same habit as Alan Rake of gesticulating the lyrics but you adjust. Coming from scotland I said what the heck - and danced despite the fact the place was pretty empty. I got quite a few grins from Jon for that (Did I mention what a total sweetie this guy is......).
There were a few instances of feedback and I think they were still missing an amp but they put on a sweet show and the audience seemed appreciative giving loud applause after each song.
'Man I hate your band' totally kicks off a gig making you want to dance. 'European Lover' is only supposed to be able to be heard at gigs - oops whats that mp3 doing on my computer- mea culpa. 'Little Big Man' is only doing the rounds as a live mp3 and isnt supposed to be doing that. The others are all available either as demos or singles/b-sides. The boys are promising a track which no one has heard for the new album which they are well aware we are waiting for with impatience (January seems so far away). I did put a bug in their ear saying how much I loved 'Saved by A Chat Show' and 'Just Can't Take It' begging them to put them on the album though as these are B-sides they will be unlikely to go on the album. It was funny to hear Jon tell us that 'Who invented these lists' was written on the toilet! True story or pub story I really dont know.
There was much discussion of how the internet changes music and illegal downloads and leaks. I think it became obvious I had the leaked album but I pleaded necessity to keep me sane promising to buy it when eventually it comes out over here.
My point is people are dying for the opportunity to buy the Brakes CD and Battle's CD despite the fact they have a leaked copy, while people are downloading The Ordinary Boys then deleting it because frankly it is DREADFUL.
One point Jarvis Cocker shame on you dissing these boys, it seems Jon is a huge fan and is pretty upset about it while still idolizing you. As I said Jarvis is just a grumpy old man - a maker of sublimely mazing music but still a grumpy old man,
My kind of a night, a chance to meet LMT, to discuss their music, discuss music in general (yeah they think my music taste is way up to date and were amazed at what I am already listening to), discuss how music spreads these dates, plus see a great little set, dance a little and the guys gave me a cuddle - and the hubby didnt mind!

How embarrasing, seems like I typed the title of the taster down wrong and got some of the point wrong - its saved by a chat show not a chart show - God am I blushing! Finally I get it- 'Jeremy Kyle' is a british chat show' which makes the person smile - feeling oh so dumb........


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Hubby didn't mind, but don't get any ideas from their lyrics. (With the band at least).

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