Friday, November 17, 2006

The Cinematics, Phoenix 40th anniversary Part Avalon Boston 20061116

I am Scottish born in Edinburgh and spending nearly 3/4 of my life there. It sounds patronising and twee but there is definitely a Scottish sound. I seem to have spent half my life listening to and appreciating wonderful bands that are certainly not known over in the US.
Last night after seeing the Cinematics, a foursome based in Glasgow but not originally from there (I think some if not all come from Dingwall), I am inclined to reminisce and listen to some of the music in my collection that hasn't been played for a while that I love.
Scamper were the opening act and I hate to say they reminded me of every reason why I abhor 90% of American music. Dreary unimaginative music with losers posing and making non witty comments between the songs. The last song did have some promise though.
So eventually we got to The Cinematics. This kind of music can sometimes get written off especially in the American music press. However I always feel that in order to survive playing in Glasgow bands have to learn to handle an audience or get bottled or worse off stage. The Cinematics really impress live with meaty bass and drum under the melodic guitar and soaring vocals.
Scott, who plays guitar but mostly concentrates on singing. I found the set uplifting, danceable and fun. Though most people just stood, the band did get a lot of applause and when 'Break' was played (the only song being played over here) people got more interactive and appreciative. This of course being the point about Boston audiences that drives me crazy that they seem unable to appreciate music they haven't heard before - call me exempt from this one.
We also got a chance to briefly chat to Scott and Ross at the Merch table asking them how they were finding America and of course if they were going to be at SXSW. They currently think the album is going to be Strange Education (Changed from 'A Trick of The light' previously reported and leaked) out about February both sides of the pond with a tour to follow again both sides of the pond.
The Cinematics :
Scott Rinning - Vocals and guitar, Ramsey Miller - guitar, Adam Goemans - Bass, Ross Bonney - Drummer
Cinematics Set
Race To The City
Maybe someday
Strange Education
Rise And Fall
Keep Forgetting

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