Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh God how bad can music be?

So I have had a spate of effusive blogs extolling the virtues of various bands- this is not one of them!
We went to see The Bravery last night at TT the Bear's, this was a gig for them to showcase new songs. We got there in time to hear the end of the Four (IV) Thieves. They were pretty good, and I would probably have liked to see more but the weather sucked and getting into town took far longer than we expected. The club was packed as people milled around looking to see the first time the Bravery showed off their new songs. at the front was a contingent of young girls who I would have doubted being 18, if they were not that young they certainly were juvenile.
The band came on and played through some of their hits and songs from the new album.
Set included An honest mistake, Unconditional. As I stood I realised that the new songs stunk just as much as the old ones. Yes there was some reaction mostly from the young girls and family for the new ones but there was a lot of people just standing around. The music is just awful, bland pathetic and abysmal trite lyrics. Then there is the band who are just ridiculous, pathetic and full of themselves. These guys are a waste of a record contract lets hope the new CD bombs like a submarine and this group disappear off the face of the earth.

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