Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scritti Politti, Bravery, Cinematics

So what gigs are coming up? We are going to see Scritti Politti on Sunday. 'The Sweetest Girl' has ended up on more various CDs than would be imaginable for a guy/band that is such a publicty-phobe. So having first heard and fallen in love with Green Gartside's voice more years ago than I would admit without severe coercion, I am actually going to get the chance to see him live. It was astounding to see his CD "white bread and black beer" get a Mercury nomination and listening to this CD you do tend to worry about hyperglycymia it is just so sweet but also addictive. I don't expect a lively concert but some slower concerts are just required.
The Bravery play TT the Bears on Monday night, the Bravery, a band who are part hyperbole. I am never sure whether to take them seriously but at least at TT's the screaming minors will be exempted and we will have the chance to see how the band have grown if they have and make our own evaluation as to whether they will survive as a band not to be reviled.
Then on Thursday, our local music paper is having a 10 year anniversary party and a surprising addition to the line-up is the Glasgow band The Cinematics. When we went to SXSW last March we had never heard of The Cinematics, but went to the Scottish Arts Showcase on Friday afternoon (at least part time). Waiting to go in we saw several young over frenetic friendly Scottish guys milling around who in retrospect turned out to be members of the Cinematics plus other bands. Their earnestness was kind of cute. When we sat and listened to bands several new bands really made an impression, we liked Lucky Luke, The Cinematics and Paolo Nutini and were very under impressed with The Fratellis. This impression lead us to use the last Saturday night slot to go see The Cinematics do their official SXSW slot. We were impressed and glad to have made the decision though when crib addiction sets in hard I sometimes second guess myself as we missed the chance of a third cribs show to see the Cinematics.
To cut a long story short, they play great music, are good guys and I am so glad to see them play Boston and I will be there hopefully to see them go down well.

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