Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New bands found on myspace

Just wanted to list some of my new finds on myspace. I was pointed to find a Wakefield band called Last Gang. Moments after they became my friend another Wakefield band called The Labels asked me to be their friend and I listened and liked their cheeky brazen lyrics and riffs.
Randomly listening to 6music I heard that Paul Haig has a new band Cathode Ray. Paul Haig is the genius behind Josef K. Josef K, The Fire Engines and the Gang of Four are now accepted as the three bands post punk that have moulded the music that is happening now. Becoming a Paul Haig and Cathode Ray 'myspace friend' gave me one of the biggest thrills since being accepted by The Cribs.
Also being listened to- The Wombats, The KBC, trying to listen to Vib Gyor again.
Definitely ashamed I haven't listened to 'Cat the Dog', Mumm-ra, Maccabees,Cajun Dance Party, foals much more!

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Kikis Music Blog said...

Blancmange Best Of was reuploaded for you.

Greetings Kiki