Friday, June 03, 2011

Friendly Fires Boston 27 May 2011

Friendly Fires is an aberration in our music taste. We don't do disco BUT we do buy into amazing live acts and fantastically catchy songs and this is where Friendly Fires fall into our taste.
Wise Blood as a support band was just dire but thankfully they were off the stage relatively quickly.
Friendly Fires did not disappoint, the first time i saw them I danced until I thought I would die, then the second I wasn't as enthused, this third time I fell back into dancing until I felt I would drop. Pela is a good album though to me only Hawaiian air stood out. Despite that each songs provided an amazingly danceable experience and Ed manages to incite crowd fervor by his dancing and general interaction.
I just can't imagine another band who would not play as fantastic a song as Photobooth. With live acts like this who needs to go to the gym. Paris, Jump In The Pool, Hawaiian Air, paris, Lovesick this band played an impressive set to keep anyone happy.
Friendly Fires Lovesick

Friendly Fires Hawaiian Air

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