Friday, June 03, 2011

Glasvegas- Boston May 26th 2011

Glasvegas hasn't had it easy recently, James has admitted a coke habit and popular belief is its not over and his current physique doesn't suggest life is good. Then we have to consider the venue, For Brighton Music Hall you have to choose do you get close to the band, try to get decent photos or stand behind the bass speakers from 'Avalon' be three feet from the stage and be almost aligned to where the house speakers are, this venue is just the pits.
We chose the stage for this and suffered by having major issues hearing any of James' vocal.
The new album really isn't that good, I keep starting to listen and then forgetting it is on. James looks wrecked, emaciated and just in poor shape, I felt sorry for him, not the prime emotion a lead singer is supposed to evoke. The songs played early in the set just basically died but at least two new songs, Shine Like Stars & Lots Sometime, gained life when played live. The older songs held up, well except for Flowers and Football tops which was done in a semi acoustic method which really lost all potency. But enough of the old songs - Geraldine, Go Square Go and Daddy's Gone managed to get the crowd going and saved the night from disaster.

Glasvegas Shine Like Stars

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