Friday, June 03, 2011

The Wombats Boston & New York May 30/31st May 2011

ah the wombats, one of the bands which have a real soft spot in my heart. Why not? Three very real very genuine, friendly decent guys who kick ass on stage and have a plethora of amazing songs, what more could you ask for? (Well apart from Johnny Marr leaving them alone, please.....)
The 'Bats played a free WFNX show at Hurricane O'Reilly's in Boston on Monday. Despite it being memorial day there was a solid turn out and an enthusiastic crowd. Such a small stage but they still managed to evoke sheer havoc on stage.
It was so nice to see the guys again and a relief to see them revitalised and no longer hurting compared to last time.
despite it being a free show and them having to run off to catch a bus to New york (Bad Simon Bad...) the boys dis a full hour long show even returning for an encore.
as always they gave their all.
seeing it was only 10:15 we then ran off and saw Johnny flynn. He was amazing, the rude drunk frat boys should have been euthanized. Oh and I loved the irony of people singing along to Barnacled Warship, a vehemently anti - war song on Memorial day.

The Wombats Tokyo

The Wombats Jump into the fog

The Wombats Our Perfect Disease

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