Sunday, June 12, 2011

Martin Rushent RIP

11 July 1948 – 4 June 2011
I am not a huge producer person, I hate remixes but the death of Martin Rushent hit me in a way I can't explain. OK major admission I was there listening to music when Dare came out and changed our lives. I was struck dumb in admiration when Love and Dancing came out and I took my first steps to actually majorly fan girling on a remix album that stood on its own. OK now those who know math (or maths if you come from my native UK) understand I am the major old fogey around.
Dare really hit me, it hit most everyone I knew, music taken to a new level then on his death I find he did the Pete Shelley album Homosapien. Major admission here I remember listening to Homosapien the single and even at 15 feeling the need to jump on furniture and go crazy. The rest of the album was supremely sublime though not the soul crazing epic that I found Homosapien. He produced Altered Images for those songs that I danced like a loon too, he produced T-Rex can you say more. The Stranglers also owed him production credits. One of my obscure but loved artists Intaferon, yeah I know you haven't heard of them but go look up 'get out of london' or 'steamhammer sam', and now I know why their 12' mix of 'get out of london' broke my trend of not liking remixes. The Associates, yes you guessed it his finger was in there.
I can honestly say this man engineered my musical memories and I couldn't be more grateful. if you go to the facebook page of memories I defy you not to be touched.
Oh and his son is the lead singer in Does It Offend You Yeah!, it seems so fitting.

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