Friday, June 03, 2011

Stornoway Boston May 28th 2011

When Stornoway played BMH on Saturday we decided sound was more important than closeness and considering the sound we manged to hear on Saturday I was really happy with our decision.
Sea of Bees was interesting but she was a bit weird, nice in small doses but not normal in any way.
Stornoway mostly played their album but the inter song dialog was charming and seeing their politics play right into my heart , Stellwagen bank & whales being mentioned as the real reason to come to boston, I bought right into this.
During a minor technical issue break we got to hear an acoustic version of a new song The Bigger Picture, quite an emotional song.

but then this is from a band that sings about the London bombing hidden under 'Here comes the blackout' - a song most Americans really don't dig into the back story for.

We also got treated to a rendition of a song written for their visit to Yale Natural Museum and its 'Blood suckers exhibition'. This may be the only version that people get to hear.

Finishing with acoustic versions of The Battery human, a song written to tell folks sitting in an office is not a life Stornoway finished a concert under attended but very well received.

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