Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Seven shows in seven days - Hey Rosetta!

So tired, so beat up excuse me if I fall asleep while I write this but very happy and kind of glowing feeling too.
People wonder why I go to so many shows and I can honestly say the past week was a great a example of why.
On Wednesday we went to see Hey Rosetta!, they are a promising band from Newfoundland, Canada. They have done two support shows in Boston before (that I know of) and have been developing quite a following quietly by being a solid live band with enjoyable indie folks songs. This was their first headline show and at our favorite venue, Great Scott.
The support band despite being from Boston was actually quite enjoyable though I wouldn't go see them as a headline act.
Hey Rosetta! were very well received with a large crowd, it may even have been sold out, but the audience gave attention when warranted and some silence when asked.
Despite relatively young, (mea culpa my initial facts were proved false, this band has three albums thanks sheppard_ryan11 for pointing out my error in only referencing their album I had been listening to) the band played for over an hour leaving a very happy audience.
This band is worth watching and if you havent seen them before I would suggest you put them onto your watch list.

Hey Rosetta!Yer Spring

Hey Rosetta! Bandages


sheppard_ryan11 said...

The band has 3 albums and an ep.

sheppard_ryan11 said...

Hey Rosetta! has 3 albums and an ep..check them all out. I'm surprised you didn't research this.

JaneInMA said...

Totally correct, I did not research this enough, I hang my head in shame but do say at least I support the band and try to promote them and hopefully that is not a bad thing.