Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Wombats New york - part two

So recovering from the two gigs in one night, we packed our bags and left('bats song title reference in there) for NY. After setting into the hotel and heading down to Manhattan and Bowery, we saw the Wombats stuff being loaded in but took a break to eat some Chinese around the corner. after we decided just to hang out in the sun waiting for doors to open, about 5:30 the guys turned up looking rushed and late as normal.
Its kind of nice for the guys to take the time to say hi even in such cases making the others in line wonder at our familiarity.
despite Bowery making a complete bollocks of letting people in, GRRRR, why have people line up if you want to stab them in the back. We still managed to get where we wanted to be, at the front where Tord would be playing. The support band were pretty dire, very pretty lead singer but that really didn't make up for waek soings and off tune vocals.
THe 'Bats started with Our Perfect Disease, a song I am liking more and more from MG, then slipped into Kill The Director , at which point it is hard to see where more havoc was happening teh stage where Murph and Tord were ripping it up or the audience singing along as if their life depended on it.
The set included old and new, while I am instantly loving Fog , Tokyo,Techno Fan anti-D and Disease I am sure 1996, Schumaker will grow on me. In Boston we got patricia while in NY we got My first wedding. seeing those two hit my favorite great but not the usual old songs count me a very happy, exhausted physically wrecked fan.
The whole audience was utterly up for this gig to the point all three wombats went crowd surfing at the end, though Dan really should have removed his in ear monitor rather tahn losing it - OOPS!!!!!!
People think the wombats only do poppy songs but when you see them live you see Tord ripping hell on stage and Murph and Dan giving their all.
And while the first album discussed teenage angst the second under the pop and fluff discusses some debauched and serious topics. Lets face it over prescribing anti depressants, dysfunctional relationships, losing oneself by using prostitutes are not exactly sweet love stories but if it loses the bimbettes hopefully the second album with its increased depth will help sustain the fans they had and gain even more.

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